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Gator hunt trips are near Lafayette, Louisiana.  We have over 25,000 acres of marshland & swampland in Louisiana!  We have been 100% successful in the last 20 years!!!  The average size gator we catch is around 7 foot, but last year we caught several over 11 foot!!  The biggest one we snagged last year was 12 foot 6 inches!!  


Each gator hunter will sign a contract, complete an application for a Non-Resident Alligator Sport/Helper License & an Activity Release of Liability Form.  We will pick up your Alligator Sport/Helper License up for you at the Louisiana Department of Wildlife & Fisheries & have them ready for you to sign upon your arrival to the lodge.  If you are planning on a fishing trip as well, we can purchase your Non-Resident 3 Day Charter Fishing License for you & have it ready for you upon your arrival to the lodge.


We provide all meals and lodging for up to two nights, depending on your package.  The gator hunt season begins the first Wednesday of September & runs 30 days.  Since we only have 30 days to harvest gators each year, we are not able to cancel, transfer or refund payments for booked trips.  However, we can reschedule your gator hunt in the event of an emergency or natural disasters or we will still make you a pair of gator boots, belt & wallet if you have to cancel your trip & cannot reschedule.




We suggest that you bring cool, breathable clothing - blue jeans, light jacket & hiking boots or rubber boots.  You will also need earplugs, your driver's license, gator hunting license, eye protection , rain gear ("Frog Togs"), and a hat.  We will hunt gators rain or shine!!


Shots fired will be relatively close range.  We will provide weapons & use 22 mag pistols.  Bow & arrows are acceptable, however, if you choose to use a bow and you stick a gator that gets away, this will count as your gator!


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